To achieve excellent organic results from any SEO strategy you have to have the right technical and content optimisation and link acquisition. Our team of talented experts specialise in each of these three components and work holistically to provide the results our clients want. Our primary focus is on improving search engine rankings and sending more traffic to their websites.



TMI uses a multitude of advanced technologies in campaign strategies to optimise the performance of your brand on search engines.

Search is king

Your website is most likely the first point of contact with potential customers looking for your products or services. Jim Yu, the producer of Search Engine Land confirmed that over 90% of online experiences start with search. That’s why it’s imperative that your website is impeccably kept. A site that is in poor condition and that is incorrectly optimised will have a negative impact on all other SEO work, whereas a well-optimised site will improve the effectiveness of other efforts. We work with our clients closely all the way from the stage of analysis to ideation and implementation.

Web page optimisation

Our specialist team of SEO experts is constantly using advanced technologies and tools to improve and optimise our clients’ web pages. We go the extra mile when it comes to on-page optimisation and will work closely with you on UX, content quality, social marketing, device platforms and mark-up in order to deliver the results you are investing in. Metadata testing is also a core aspect of our approach to ensure that you get the highest click-through-rate from organic listings.

Evolve alongside Google

Google is an ever-evolving platform and we have to keep up with their constantly shifting best practices to ensure our strategies and activities produce the desired results for our clients. Our SEO specialists are always on top of new Google guidelines and are constantly working on producing optimum solutions for our clients. We have also modelled and implemented our own proprietary modelling software, which we use to predict SEO trends, investments and R.O.I’s.


At TMI we have highly specialised teams that are proficient in every facet of SEO, from creating content to link-building. In modern search engine optimisation, links are still the main means of propulsion for your site’s ranking in search engines. On the other hand, it is also the aspect of SEO that could have a significant negative impact on your ranking if not done properly. It’s important that you understand your current link profile and that you put in an effective, high-quality strategy to help reach your business goals now and in the future.


Research and in-depth analysis

We use everything from industry and competitor analysis to new tools, technologies and methodologies to optimise our clients’ web pages for improved rankings. By auditing the environment that our clients are in, we can identify competition, pitfalls and opportunities and use these insights to map out the steps our clients need to take on their journey to optimum ranking performance. Meticulous research and in-depth analysis into data are at the core of meeting our client goals through our successful SEO strategy development.

Integrated SEO

As already mentioned, SEO strategies need technical analysis, specialised content and effective link building in order to be holistic and successful. When all of these aspects are used together, they can greatly improve your organic ranking performance. We work side by side with our clients to implement the best SEO practices that improve their visibility and increase the traffic to their sites from organic search. We focus on maximising ROI and in order to achieve this, we ensure we have complete insight on the impact of traffic and maintain communication with our clients to ensure we can produce customised and clear reporting.

Playing the short and long game

Our approach to SEO is firmly rooted in a highly expert team that specialises in SEO, strategy, technical analysis, content development, outreach and a whole bunch of research and continually evolving work methods. We know that particular strategic actions can merit immediate results, whereas others could take a bit longer to produce the results we are looking for. As a whole, SEO forms an integral part of our overarching digital strategy and our team of experts is always on-hand, working to improve our clients’ organic performance in both the short term and long term future.



With an innovative and contemporary approach, our teams ensure we are always ahead of the market in terms of new, modern technology deployment.

Commitment and innovation

Other than always being ahead of the curve and continually adapting to Google’s evolving best practices when developing SEO strategies, our team’s commitment and innovation when it comes to discovering new opportunities and demonstrating how they can generate results is what sets TMI apart from the rest of the pack. Our team is always learning, researching and evolving to keep up with new industry tools and trends in order to produce the most successful SEO campaigns for our clients.

We work hard and smart

To ensure our clients receive work that exceeds their lofty expectations, we are always searching for new ways to make our hard work, continually smarter. We don’t just aim to deliver work, we aim to over-deliver superior work to all of our valuable clients. Every person on the TMI team is encouraged to come up with new ways of thinking, innovative ideation methods, and faster, more effective ways of producing maximum results for the minimum amount of our clients’ resources.

Big ideas and young minds

No matter where they are ranked in the company, all of our staff members are the best in their role. We have junior executives that have climbed the ladder to become accomplished leaders through our graduate programme. Our recruiting process is stringent in order to ensure you are partnered with the best team from the start, who are primed to help you reach your business objectives.


We meet our clients’ goals by implementing and managing effective SEO strategies. We’ve found that the most successful campaigns are a result of collaborative work between us and our clients. We always go the extra mile to create an open and honest relationship with our clients and customer satisfaction is our primary focus.



At the end of the day, the success of our clients is our success. That’s why every client is analysed on an individual basis and optimised in a way that is appropriate for their industry and size. The visibility of our clients’ SERPs is a priority that we take seriously. Site architecture, on-page optimisation, content creation, and link-building are all part of our SEO strategy and are key components of how we maximise results. The importance of optimising pages and accounts for fruitful organic search cannot be underestimated.

24/7 monitoring and optimisation

Our highly skilled team are experts in identifying potential problems before they can have a negative impact on your business. We apply round-the-clock monitoring and evaluation with the assistance of advanced software, which helps us to identify and flag problems before they turn into something bigger. We use innovative reporting tools to ensure that we are transparent with our clients through 24/7 monitoring and round-the-clock evaluation.

Results driven

At TMI, all we need is an opportunity to show you how we will get results that meet your business goals, and through this, we have no doubt that we’ll earn your trust. In order to achieve this, we’ll work side by side with all our clients from the early stages all the way through to solution ideation, development, and implementation. While our priority is on your primary KPIs, we routinely review our other deliverables such as turnaround times, professionalism, and accuracy to ensure that we have in-depth insights into how we can add value to our client relationships while also getting them the desired results.