Programmatic Media

The online marketing sphere is constantly evolving and becoming ever more complex and competitive. At TMI our specialist knowledge and expert teams can make your Biddable Media work in the best way for your brand. Any media bought through real-time bidding is known as Biddable Media and a third party platform is provided where advertisers are able to outbid each other for impressions. The winner of the ad-bidding war will be the one to show the ad.



What does technology mean to you? At TMI, we believe that technology means the difference between succeeding and failing. We use innovative tools to access and utilise the customer behaviours and insights that are the most meaningful to your brand.

Google Marketing Platform

At TMI, we are committed to using only the best-in-market tools and technologies to deliver the results that our clients want. The Google Marketing Platform is the perfect partner for modern marketing solutions in an ever-evolving and competitive industry. Google combines DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 suite into an innovative platform to plan, measure and optimise marketing campaigns into their most successful form.

Google Marketing Platform and its tools

In its entirety, the Google Marketing Platform consists of seven digital marketing platforms. Each one can be used on its own according to your needs, but the true value of them all is harnesses when they are used together to form a holistic and comprehensive unit for all your digital marketing needs.

Everything at your fingertips

Google Marketing Platform comprises of: Analytics 360, Data Studio 360, Optimise 360, Surveys 360, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360 and Tag Manager 360. All of these combine to create a comprehensive marketing platform in which you can test your sites and ads, get in-depth data, measure results and optimise search and display ads to captivate and enthral audiences in a timely and effective manner that increases sales.

Creative Services

We create customised creative assets for our clients that produce maximum engagement from consumers. Our design team doesn’t work in a silo - they are in an integral partnership with all of our other strategic departments. The magic happens when their creative outputs are developed alongside our marketing teams to produce creative assets that aren’t just appealing on an aesthetic level, but that are developed to drive ROI for our clients too.
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TMI takes an investor-like approach to our RTB campaigns; we believe that our eggs should not all be in one basket and, as such, we ‘diversify our portfolios’ for each clients’ unique requirements. Every client has their own needs and each industry has unique standards, so we use the various tools available to us to create a wide-ranging campaign approach to optimise and customise campaigns for clients in the areas that work for their brand.


Prospecting campaigns have access to all users across the variety of different exchanges, experiences and platforms and this means that there is a massive user reach. With such a large reach it can be overwhelming when deciding where to begin. At TMI our expert teams make full use of the Google Marketing Platform to produce a diverse campaign setup that is made up of various sub-categories to target specific users for your brand. For example, a clothing company could have keyword-targeted campaigns, domain-targeted campaigns, category-targeted campaigns, interest-targeted campaigns, etc. We use these in conjunction with regional demographic targeting to make sure we are reaching the relevant prospects.


One week before the launch of any campaigns, we’ll place tags across our clients’ sites to acquire 1st party data in order to retarget them with relevant messaging. Whether we are retargeting the site as a whole, or simply a specific product, we have the expertise and know-how to produce and manage an effective campaign. 1st party data isn’t always enough and that’s where 3rd party data providers come in. 3rd parties provide an additional CPM lift and we work these in partnership with 1st party lists.

Optimising campaigns

In the same way you would plant, nurture and prune plants in the garden, we manage our campaigns. After launch, whether it’s retargeting or prospecting, we take the campaign to the next level by optimising them to their best performance levels. Like pruning, we remove the aspects that are not needed or that are having a poor impact, such as removing negative domains and reducing activities in slow-performing hours in order to prioritise stronger performing sub-campaigns.

Effective Reporting

Many people believe that reporting is only as good as the person who understands it. At TMI, we believe that reports should be simple, clear and discerning for anyone who wants to read it. That’s why our reports are customisable, easy to navigate, and are tailored for each of our clients to fully understand.


Reporting at its best

At TMI we have a vast array of innovative reporting tools that will bring your data to life. We’ll usually run a report such as the “Inventory Availability Report” to measure the potential impressions that you could get. The “General Report” shows you the variations in your campaign’s performance and once a campaign is done, we run audience performance reports to see which of your audiences is worth investing in for successful, high-conversion campaigns.

Spam removal

Bots are becoming an unavoidable nuisance in the digital marketing landscape and it’s easy to be fooled by them. Google helps us to negate bots by removing invalid clicks and impressions that aren’t generated by humans. Robots, spiders and crawlers, server error requests, etc. are all filtered out by Google and kept on record. Your data will be as accurate as can be without inflated numbers from the burgeoning “crawler” scene.

Conversions across environments

The modern user has a number of devices that they do their research on. People are prone to browsing on their mobiles, normally during commutes and lunch breaks, and then converting on their desktops. We use cross-environment conversion reporting to track the success of ad campaigns across devices. We link together cookies, device IDS and Google sign-ins that keep track of a single user across multiple environments. This allows us to see the consumer journey from ad exposure to buying your product or service.