Data & Technology

Big data, above all else, is simply complex datasets that are beyond the capabilities of human analysts; these datasets are managed and analysed by advanced technology. However, what technology is pertinent, in what capacity and how frequently it should be applied are crucial aspects to understand. Let us lead you through the best options for your brand.


Tech Partners

For any successful task, you need to use the appropriate tools and a skilled operator. The same goes for your brand in today’s modern era, where the optimal technology partner is essential to help your business grow. TMI provides the skilled team and Google Marketing Platform is the perfect tech partner to take your brand to the next level.

Google Marketing Platform

At TMI we use the Google Marketing Platform to provide our clients with the most innovative and modern marketing solutions in the industry. Google Marketing Platform is a combination of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite, which enables us to plan, budget, measure and optimise marketing strategies at the most effective level. This is a platform that enables our clients to target their users with relevant, timely content while respecting their privacy and giving consumers complete control over their own data.

What makes it so innovative?

The Google Marketing Platform is made up of seven digital marketing facets. Each one is fully functional as a single entity, however, their power lies when they are integrated as a whole.

The individual players

Analytics 360: Understand your customers at an in-depth level to deliver optimised experiences.

Data Studio 360: Meticulous, tailored reports to make effective use of your data.

Optimise 360: Comprehensive testing of campaigns and sites.

Surveys 360: Get your potential customers’ thoughts and opinions in real time.

Display & Video 360: Engage and delight today’s constantly connected audiences.

Search Ads 360: Get in-depth data and relevant insights to optimise your campaigns.

Tag Manager 360: No need to edit in code to track and manage your tags.

Use of Data

What’s the point in capturing heaps of useful data, just for it to be stored? Data is only useful if it is delved into for meaningful insights that are utilised in ceaseless optimisations for effective strategies and campaigns.


What are the ingredients?

At TMI, we use in-depth behaviour insight data such as audience, interest and everything else in between to build meticulous display campaigns that are highly segmented for precise prospecting campaigns and tailored custom retargeting.

Remarketing – strategic positioning

When we remarket for your brand, we segment and target users that have interacted with your site, based on the timeframe in which they were most active. Consumers today spend more time researching resources before taking action; it’s imperative to draw them back to your site through efficient remarketing strategies.

Flexibility is the name of the game

At TMI, we don’t just stick to the standard sources of information – we utilise data from a variety of sources to ensure our digital marketing campaigns are always evolving and improving. Our data-driven, tailored campaigns have proven to be successful time and again. We reach consumers at optimal times, adapting to new trends and seeking out golden opportunities.


Integration and Automation

Automating the integral aspects of your digital marketing campaign is not an agency reneging on its duties to monitor accounts, manage strategies and optimise campaigns. On the contrary, it is the admittance that superior modern software is simply more advanced in some areas and poorer in others when compared to human management. That’s why at TMI, our campaign managers utilise their strengths where appropriate and use technology for the aspects that are beyond their scope.

Integrated Digital Marketing – Artificial and Human Intelligence

Human analysts are unable to properly detect patterns in huge sets of information. This is where machine learning is superior and when we pass datasets to software to analyse, it is known as ‘Big Data’. Machine learning is when artificial intelligence software is written to iteratively analyse data in a way that it learns from its errors and continually improves.

Using the human element

Using AI can be compared to flying a plane; any pilot worth his salt knows that computers can do things that humans can’t handle. However, a pilot still won’t fly a plane without years of experience and training. The same philosophy can be applied to digital marketing. We introduced machine learning and appropriate technology before it became conventional in digital marketing. However, the use of this technology was anticipated by the many years of industry knowledge garnered by the TMI team. Our team had been manually implementing and honing the techniques that are now done by advanced technologies and software.

Integrating human and AI elements

Human intellect remains an imperative antecedent to the introduction of any technology that we put into effect. Our integrated use of human intelligence alongside our technology deployment means that we are aware that fluctuations and changes within ad auctions and exchanges could leave even advanced machines error-prone. Our hybrid use of both aspects ensures that information isn’t skewed by the sole use of machines in our dataset mining.

Attribution and Reporting

Finding out where conversions and sales come from can come down to guesswork, however, it won’t be incredibly accurate. Luckily TMI has a host of advanced attribution and reporting tools available. We use effective attribution modelling to accurately pinpoint where conversions, leads, and sales are coming from.


The finer details

Digital marketing platforms such as Bing, Yahoo, and the Google Marketing Platform automatically give you credit for a conversion to the last click that leads a user to your company’s site. However, a large portion of conversions involve a much longer process with many clicks along the way of display ads, organic search results, shopping campaigns, etc. You must be able to understand these behaviours and how they integrate to drive sales in order to find more successful and efficient ways to distribute your budget.

Nurturing the consumer journey

Attribution models ascertain which touchpoints are driving your conversions and how much of your budget you should be spending on each contributing point. Our strategic and insight-driven approach helps us to nurture our clients’ consumer journey interactions to get the required results and trim back the ones that aren’t as successful.

Tailored reporting

Reporting is an essential factor when it comes to choosing your engine metric combinations, date ranges and optimal times for your campaigns. Our tailored reports include everything from simple Summary Reports to meticulous, in-depth reports in our Insights Report. At TMI, we have the tools to access the information in the manner that you need.