Content Marketing

In the words of Bill Gates, “Content is King”. TMI’s content team consistently works towards improving our clients content, ensuring that it’s of a world class standard.



The correct utilisation of data is fundamental to our business. Whether we are developing a content strategy or defining a target audience, data remains the ultimate driving force behind our approach. Our team of talented content marketing specialists thrives on creating smart, intuitive and relevant content; whether it’s long-form, blogging, interactive or video.

Create relevant and informative content

To create relevant, informative and intuitive content, all data needs to be observed – from keyword research to trends in niches, and the latest news and information in your relevant industry. When collecting this data, we ensure that we are familiar with your client’s audience and their needs. This is why the content marketing strategy will kick off with data collation and assimilation.

Performance-driven content

Truly great content needs to combine data with creativity. TMI’s content specialists are data-savvy, yet creative at heart, ensuring that all the content we produce for our clients is data and performance-driven, with the purpose of adding value to their websites. We work to make sure your brand’s message gets across to the right audience in the right way.


Innovation is at the heart of our business. We continuously strive to stay on top of all the latest trends and developments in content marketing, and all our content is constantly being anaylsed and adapted accordingly, resulting in an ever-evolving set of solutions.


Dare to be different

Competition is getting tougher and to retain and attract new customers, your brand needs to be differentiated in unique ways against competitors. With careful research into keywords and trends, we will produce the best ideas customised to your brand, niche, and audience.

Stand out in the crowd with unique content

Only through innovative, unique content will you truly differentiate your business against your competitors. At TMI, we are committed to delivering bigger and better ideas to our clients. By collaborative brainstorms and regularly testing the performance on campaigns, we can ensure that we produce the right content for your brand through innovative, strategic concepts.

The value of niche content

Our content specialists realise that we live in a time of information overload, and in order to stand out amongst your competitors, you need to have content that fits into your niche. We thrive on developing niche content that is constantly evolving and staying ahead of the pack. Market research goes a long way in fulfilling this proposition, which is one of the areas the TMI team specialises in, above and beyond content development and optimisation.



For content that performs and takes your brand from strength to strength, it needs to adapt. All the content TMI produces undergoes consistent and rigorous evaluation to ensure it meets the necessary criteria matched to each individual client.

Increase visibility in the SERPs

Our approach to on-page optimisation goes far beyond simply advising on the placement and use of keywords. We ensure that potential customers have the best experience on your website by regularly reviewing and analysing the performance of the site’s pages. This allows us to optimise the site content in order to get you better results over time.

Use the voice of an influencer to validate content

Outreach marketing – also referred to as digital PR – is a powerful discipline. By creating authentic, credible content which can be marketed on high authority sites, we are able to validate our client’s content and position them as experts in their respective fields. Our highly-skilled team consists of experts from a PR and social media background as well as from SEO. The team works with academics, researchers, business owners, and all other company representatives, to ensure that the highest quality content is delivered at all times.


We pride ourselves on maintaining a responsibility to our clients’ investments in their online success. Through advanced modelling we constantly assess the value of the content we produce to ensure that our clients are always satisfied. At TMI, our content team sees themselves as enablers for better digital performance through the content they create and not as a roadblock to your online success! Let us help your brand become the “go-to” online presence in your industry.


Measuring the success of your content

Analysing the value of distributed content is about more than simply checking the page views and engagements. At TMI, we work alongside our clients to make sure that they have the knowledge to assess our performance and have trust in our reporting and relationship. Our content deliverables are all designed to provide a positive contribution to our overall marketing strategy from the SEO side of things. This is why we continually assess and measure the success of our content to ensure it’s contributing to your marketing strategy and improving your organic performance.

Determining content goals and objectives

When we use attractive content to appeal to an audience, we are creating a platform for social sharing and increased reach that results in a natural, organic and holistic backlink profile. Every piece of content is strategically developed as a part of a larger content strategy that helps us to map out the best route to achieve your business objectives. To be able to comprehensively display our success, we have to be able to map out the desired objectives and brand goals for created content. For every campaign, we have agreed upon objectives that we can assess and measure after the launch of the campaign. In following the metrics from aspects such as increased ranking, traffic, and conversions, we can display how our holistic organic work is contributing to your brand’s bottom line.

Exceeding client expectations

When we take on a campaign, we know what goals are set out and what we have to achieve in order for our efforts to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. We are constantly exploring and researching ways to achieve greater results; these opportunities are always shared with clients. We’d like to believe that our success isn’t just based on our expert business acumen or highly-skilled teams, but also on the trusting business relationships that we have built up with our clients along the way.