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Bottomline develops software for B2B e-Commerce, electronic banking, e-Billing, payments, collections, ACH, laser cheque printing and security services.

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TMI were tasked with increasing awareness in Financial Process Automation across the UK & US Markets.

A/B testing adcopy tone

One of the primary challenges on this account is to communicate complex B2B technology in an easy to digest, succinct manner to the user. To complicate matters further, we had to adhere to the Adwords character descriptions. By continually tweaking our Ad copy and comparing engagement metrics like CTR on Brand & Generic activity, we isolated themes which resonated much more than others. For example, we found that including the phrase “Future Proof Your Payment System” instead of “Bacs-approved transport layer” increased the CTR by 319.11%. Simplifying our message and considering the average knowledge a user searching for payment processes would have was key in improving the appeal of our ads.

Quality Score Monitoring

As we on-boarded this client, we made the decision to restructure the existing build according to TMI best practice. This involved mining keywords from the past search query reports, splitting out campaigns by match types to allocate budget accordingly, revisiting ad scheduling, and adding all the latest ad extensions, cross negativing, such as structured snippets & callout extensions. Leveraging the long tail was deemed vital in increasing our reach within the budget constraints, and as such we completed a build of more than 32,000 keywords!

Adwords Quality Score script

With such an extensive keyword build, we still needed to ensure that their associated ads and user journey were not overlooked. As such, we implemented a quality script score which allows us to see week on week changes in quality score per individual keyword. We combined this with a Doubleclick Search rule which alerted us to when a Generic keyword fell below a certain QS, in which case we review our associated ad copy and selected landing page. Using labels, we could then see if the changes we had made had a positive or negative impact, and revert if the latter was the case. Since implementing this strategy, we have seen the top line QS across Generic keywords improve by 14.45%.

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